Linda Sussman makes music worth listening to. She makes the personal universal and the universal personal.”

— Ron Cooke, radio host (KTAL)

Sussman’s hybrid of roots, folks, blues and swing is never short on grooves, melody and forthright lyricism.” - [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]

Take Effect Reviews

...no matter what kind of folkie you want to characterize her as, [Linda Sussman] provides a calming voice for riding turbulent waters. A first class set of anthems for today.” - Chris Spector [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]

Midwest Record

Linda Sussman has become a voice for the voiceless. It makes us believe that the power of art can help us find solace, strength, and the courage to create a better world.” - [track review: LET COMMON SENSE PREVAIL]

Sinusoidal Music

Linda Sussman delivers a soul-stirring call to action with “Let Common Sense Prevail. ” - Alberto Massaro

Plastic Magazine UK

If the spirit of Greenwich Village in the sixties and early seventies is still with us, then it lives in Linda Sussman.” - Tim [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]


There’s something unique in Sussman’s tone...that makes her stand out in an over-crowded musical landscape.” - Gabriel Mazza [track review: DON'T LET IT RAIN]


What I find particularly appealing about this track is [Sussman's] raw innocence within a sophisticated arrangement.” - Nicole Mendes

The Other Side Reviews [track review: DON'T LET IT RAIN]

Her vocal pipes are a delicate mix of jazz/folk, and Linda’s guitar technique emanates a heavenly sound. ” - [track review: DON'T LET IT RAIN]

Illustrate Magazine

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